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  • Battle Of The Bulge

    Battle Of The Bulge

    In June 1944, after the enormous success of the D-Day landings, an end to World War II and Nazi tyranny seemed imminent. But in December 1944 with one last card to play, Adolf Hitler launched the greatest counter offensive in European military history. The world held its breath as Hitler’s […]

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  • Day Of The Gun

    Day Of The Gun

    Set in 1890’s Montana, a conflict between the widowed Maggie Carter and cattle baron Cyrus McCall escalates into a “range war” when McCall threatens her survival as a rancher by putting up a barbed-wire fence. The battle escalates when their children get involved and a mysterious stranger from Maggie’s past […]

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  • The Magic of Houdini

    The Magic of Houdini

    The Magic Of Houdini On Amazon Prime He was the man no prison could hold. The handcuff king. The man who walked through walls. The greatest escapologist of all time. He was Harry Houdini, the most exquisite showman in the age of showmanship. Emperor exponent of the art of vaudeville […]

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  • Kitten Party

    Kitten Party

    Meet Whiskers and all of his kitten friends as they throw a fun filled Kitten Party! Educational for kids, fun for animal lovers of all ages! Over 50 kittens from a dozen different breeds. 1 hr. 13 min.

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  • Puppy Party

    Puppy Party

    Join Milo, the adorable Labrador Puppy that has invited all his favorite breeds to his party! Featuring over 25 breeds, facts about each breed and hilarious puppy antics. 1 hr. 02 min.

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  • Pet Party

    Pet Party

      Join Sniffer, the busy beagle, as he throws a party for hundreds of his pet friends! Featuring the cutest kittens, puppies, hamsters, horses, birds, fish, farm animals, and more! | 49 min. | |

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  • The Best Little Auction House In Texas

    The Best Little Auction House In Texas

    Every Monday, 52 weeks a year, except on a Christmas Day, Vikki Vines auctions off huge container loads of antiques, art, furniture, collector’s items and china from South America, Europe and Asia. Her Gallery Auctions is the largest “trade” (reseller’s) auction in the country – probably the World. The buyers […]

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  • Flip My Food With Chef Jeff

    Flip My Food With Chef Jeff

    Flip My Food “flips” the favorite dishes of award winning chefs, celebrities, and everyday people to make a healthier version that’s just as mouthwatering. Hosted by charismatic celebrity chef, Jeff Henderson. On going series.

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  • The SS & The Occult

    The SS & The Occult

    This powerful film revisits the sites most closely associated with Heinrich Himmler and traces the development of his warped ideology. Heinrich Himmler was the creator of the infamous Gestapo, the Waffen SS and the concentration camp network. He was inspired by mystic visions, runes, horoscopes and a longing for a […]

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  • Discover England

    Discover England

    Season 1 This series takes viewers on a journey through the historical towns of England. Discover the culture, history, and character of these great England towns. 13×90

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  • Northern Skies: Aerial Britain – Yorkshire Coast

    Northern Skies: Aerial Britain – Yorkshire Coast

    Fasten your seat belts for some dizzy, low-level trips across Yorkshire, skimming the roofs and the treetops for a new slant on the places we thought we knew so well. We’ll fly the length of Yorkshire’s beautiful coastline, visit derbyshire’s stately estate home, and trace the river walk from source […]

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  • Great Wonders of the World

    Great Wonders of the World

    Join your guide, Doug Jones, on a whirlwind journey around the world. Marvel at unforgettable examples of man’s imagination and nature’s grandeur. See the Pyramids, the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower. Explore the Grand Canyon, Ayres Rock and the Glaciers of Alaska. Watch exploding volcanoes in Hawaii plus much, much […]

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  • The Zulu War

    The Zulu War

    Hosted by Kingsley Glover of Visions of War, this program looks at the Zulu wars, in particular the Battle of Rorke’s Drift in which 11 Victoria crosses were awarded to the defenders. Also in this program, take a tour of some of the wonderful treasures of the Stratford Armory and […]

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  • The Uboat War

    The Uboat War

    Twenty years after the defeat of Kaiser Wilhem the II, the German navy, The Kriegsmarine, had once again grown into a powerful weapon, nurtured this time through Hitler’s Third Reich. By 1939, Germany was eager and ready to wipe out the stain of her naval history and possessed a terrifying […]

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  • Arnhem 1944

    Arnhem 1944

    This is the tragic story of the last bridge in the ill-fated Operation Market-Garden, and features rare newsreel footage of the Allied operation that was supposed to end World War Two in 1944. Featuring extensive footage from the training films and newsreel cameras of both sides plus a return to […]

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  • Now Eat This! With Rocco DiSpirito

    Now Eat This! With Rocco DiSpirito

    Season 1 Available on Prime  20 x 20 Celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito challenges families to make over their diets and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The secret? Eat what you love, but say goodbye to processed ingredients, bad fats, and empty calories. And most importantly, learn to cook – Rocco style! […]

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