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  • Xploration Station

    Xploration Station

      Xploration Earth 2050  Xploration Outer Space Xploration Awesome Planet Xploration Animal Science About Xploration Station is a new TV series with 4 shows: Xploration Awesome Planet, Xploration Outer Space, Xploration Earth 2050, Xploration Animal Science! Description At the intersection of entertainment and science lies a place we call Xploration […]

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  • Sports Innerview With Ann Liguori

    Sports Innerview With Ann Liguori

    60 x 30-Sports Innerview with Ann Liguori,’ the longest-running cable sport’s show owned, hosted and produced by a woman.  As the President of Ann Liguori Productions, Ann is an entrepreneur who owns an extensive library of her award-winning interview shows with sports legends such as Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Wilt Chamberlain, Sam Snead, […]

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  • Greatest Sports Legends

    Greatest Sports Legends

    Greatest Sports Legends is a sports anthology series on the lives and careers of noted athletes. First aired in 1972, the series was produced with 10 new episodes per year nestled amongst 42 reruns. 207 episodes were produced, with athlete hosts including Tom Seaver and Reggie Jackson interviewing the featured […]

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  • A Night For Dying Tigers

    A Night For Dying Tigers

    Jack’s extended family gathers for his farewell dinner before he goes to prison for 5 years. As the reunion devolves, the truths behind the family’s long history of conflict and tragedy are surprisingly revealed. Genres: Drama Release Date: July 30, 2013 Quotes “A cross between The Big Chill and Royal […]

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  • Hitting the Cycle

    Hitting the Cycle

    Stars Bruce Dern.  Rip, a pro baseball player nearing the end of his career, returns to his long-forgotten hometown to face his fractured past and discover a life beyond the diamond. Genres: Family Drama Sports Release Date: August 20, 2013, NR Director Darin Anthony – J. Richey Nash – Stay […]

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  • The Daily Buzz

    The Daily Buzz

    Jumpstart your morning with The Daily Buzz! While you’re up and getting ready we’re keeping you informed and entertained. Think of us a “caffeine for your brain”. Follow Us: Facebook | Twitter ABOUT THE SHOW The Daily Buzz is a trendy take on today’s news, entertainment, social media trends and fresh […]

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  • Gibsonburg


    Gibsonburg is based on the true story of the only high school baseball team to win a state championship with a losing record. The team’s first year coach helped guide them from a 6-17 regular season to 8 post season victories and the state title. This magical, coming of age […]

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  • The Complete History Of Air Combat

    The Complete History Of Air Combat

    Hosted by decorated Vietnam veteran and acclaimed author Nelson DeMille, this series provides in-depth behind-the-scenes insights into the strategies, decisions, battles and men in air combat.  15 x 43 mins.

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  • Fortress


    Based on actual events. When the commander of the crew of a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber is killed in action in a raid over Sicily in 1943, his replacement, a young, naive pilot, struggles to be accepted by the plane’s already tight-knit Irish American crew. Genres: Action War Drama   […]

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  • Married to Maggie: The Denis and Margaret Thatcher Story

    Married to Maggie: The Denis and Margaret Thatcher Story

    Experience the life of Denis and Margaret Thatcher. Sir Denis Thatcher died in June 2003 aged 88. Despite his prominence as consort to his wife Margaret, he never spoke to the media, until he was persuaded by his daughter, Carol, to give his first, last and only TV interview to […]

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  • Discover Ireland

    Discover Ireland

    The history and heritage of Ireland 5 x 53 mins

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  • Classic Cars: A Definitive Collection

    Classic Cars: A Definitive Collection

    Paying tribute to the classic cars made between the 30s and 70s. Annual Autojumble at Beaulieu, classic American cars of the 50s and 60s, car production in Italy, classic cars collector’s market, British car between the 50s and 60s, and an assessment which of today’s models will become known as […]

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  • The Blizzard of Aahhh’s

    The Blizzard of Aahhh’s

    This is Greg Stump’s legendary rockumentary-style ski film that put him and, ultimately, extreme skiing on the map with the spotlight on some the sport’s hottest stars in some of the world’s most spectacular ski destinations. Featuring music by Andrew Poppy, Schonherz & Scott, Ted Musgrave, Nasty Rox Inc., Propaganda, […]

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  • Texas Fight Night

    Texas Fight Night

    Texas Fight Night features top Mixed Martial Arts fighters from all over Texas. Hosted by Scott Casterline and Bubba Norton. 12 x 42 mins.

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  • 25 Messianic Signs

    25 Messianic Signs

    In the ancient ages, the Hebrew prophets predicted that before the advent of their promised Messiah, there would come specific signs that would signal the end of the age. Today those signs have become crystal clear. Join prophetic scholar Dr. Noah Hutchings and Ken Klein as they take you on […]

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  • Nashville Country Revival

    Nashville Country Revival

      Nashville Country Revival is shot on location in Nashville, TN and features major Christian Artists and many Country Personalities with an Inspirational testimony.Concept Videos, Live Performances and Personal In-depth Interviews make up “NCR”. Hosted by TV Veteran, Bill Traylor, the show is filled with inspirational and entertaining Christian Country […]

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