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  • Hidden Treasure

    Hidden Treasure

    Moving, heartwarming drama of the attempt of a Christian children’s home to salvage the relationship between a father and his son. 37 Minutes, NR

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  • Ambushed


    Action abounds when Gramps and Dudley travel back in time to visit the Old West and arrive in the town of Armor just moments before a daring bank robbery. They are befriended by Amanda and Peewee, and together the foursome sets out on an adventure full of excitement and suspense […]

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  • The Great Pyramid Trilogy

    The Great Pyramid Trilogy

    A three part series that explores the truth behind the building and meaning of the Great Pyramid. A mystery that has long been hidden under a shroud of historical distortions comes to light in this carefully crafted documentary. The film presents the real story behind the the Great Pyramid of […]

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