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  • Dose Of Reality

    Dose Of Reality

    At closing time, Tony (Rick Ravanello), a shady bar manager and bartender Matt (Ryan Merriman) discover a woman bloodied and unconscious in the bathroom. When she awakens to claim she was attacked, the men and the mysterious Rose (Fairuza Balk) are plunged into an escalating game of cat and mouse. […]

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  • All Dark Places

    All Dark Places

    Sex, drugs, rock & roll—Christian is a man who’s made a few mistakes. He and wife Jamie are giving marriage one last shot for the sake of their son. But when Christian proves unable to give up his hard-partying ways, the malicious clown in the closet helps decide their fate. […]

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  • P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape

    P-Tex, Lies & Duct Tape

    Rich cinematography mixes with unforgettable music as Greg Stump captures extreme skiers and boarders in some of the deepest powder ever, meets up with a group of eccentric snow bums, and hangs out with Glen Plake’s massive Mohawk. Featuring music by Seal, 808 State, The Beastie Boys, Meshell Ndegeocello, Billy […]

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  • Fist Full Of Moguls

    Fist Full Of Moguls

    1998 Greg Stump´s latest ski film was two years in the making. This one features the legendary Glen Plake and his prediction two years before the 2000 Nagano Winter Ski Olympics that Jonny Moseley would win the gold medal. He was spot on. This two year adventure ensues not only […]

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  • Siberia


    Greg Stump’s 1995 film Siberia” is a very underrated unknown film from Greg. In a almost disturbing adventure to the avalanche ridden Badzal mountains of Siberia with the best skier (Scot Schmidt), the best snowboarder (the late great Craig Kelly), a 28 passenger military helicopter, gold toothed Russians, fire breathing […]

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  • Maltese Flamingo

    Maltese Flamingo

      Maltese Flamingo – classic ski film by the one and only Greg Stump. A must for the avid skier. Early in the film career of Greg Stump, this is a delightful classic. The Stump movie freestyle movement begins and is so different that they need pink flamingo’s to get […]

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  • Dr. Strange Glove

    Dr. Strange Glove

    Dr. Strange Glove contains the aerials, the scary chute skiing, even nude mono-skiing and to top it all off, a lovely interview with Mammoth founder Dave McCoy.   Starring: Scott Schmidt, Glen Plake, Dan Donnelly, Darren Johnson, Ace Mackay-Smith, Geoff Stump, Mike Hattrup, Tom Jungst and Dave McCoy.  Year 1990, […]

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  • In Search of Dudley Dumpling

    In Search of Dudley Dumpling

    A fun-filled adventure for the young at heart. Floyd’s plan to save his radio station from financial ruin is daring. “We’ll make Dudley Dumpling reveal his secret for happiness to our radio audience.” Dudley, however, mysteriously disappears, and Floyd orders his mobile news crew to find Dudley Dumpling in 24 […]

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  • Hoodwinked


    When convicted bank robber Hank Tagert arrives home after his early release from prison, trouble is waiting for him. An outlaw gang is planning to “hoodwink” him into a dangerous stagecoach robbery. His ranch is about to be repossessed. His recent conversion is viewed with skepticism. Only his daughter, Amanda, […]

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  • The Red Bicycle

    The Red Bicycle

    Intriguing, surprise-filled story of how God uses Miguel’s stolen bicycle to bless him and his family. Filmed on location in Chile. 40 Minutes, NR

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  • Lost in Silver Canyon

    Lost in Silver Canyon

    While on vacation with their family, Joe and Vanessa are separated from their parents and find themselves stranded in a “deserted” ghost town. Trusting God to send someone to rescue them, the children decide to explore their mysterious surroundings. 73 Minutes, Rated G

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  • Hidden Treasure

    Hidden Treasure

    Moving, heartwarming drama of the attempt of a Christian children’s home to salvage the relationship between a father and his son. 37 Minutes, NR

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  • Ambushed


    Action abounds when Gramps and Dudley travel back in time to visit the Old West and arrive in the town of Armor just moments before a daring bank robbery. They are befriended by Amanda and Peewee, and together the foursome sets out on an adventure full of excitement and suspense […]

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