The Best Little Auction House In Texas

Every Monday, 52 weeks a year, except on a Christmas Day, Vikki Vines auctions off huge container loads of antiques, art, furniture, collector’s items and china from South America, Europe and Asia. Her Gallery Auctions is the largest “trade” (reseller’s) auction in the country – probably the World. The buyers come from everywhere, bidding from the floor, by phone and online. They are dealers, decorators, collectors, and the occasional housewife, spending from $20.00 to $50,000.00. Follow along as Vikki travels across the U.S. and several continents on buying trips, searching for the unique and unusual item and occasionally encountering the interesting and odd individual. Every Tuesday the pressure begins as next Monday’s auction approaches. Each day she and her crew struggle to meet their weekly deadline, dealing with delivery, customs, employee and personal problems. She has only one day of sales to pay for a whole week’s worth of expenses. It begins with the arrival and unloading of the newest shipment. Not knowing what treasures lie within, everything has to be examined and accounted for. Hundreds of items are arranged in the gallery for preview. Auction day comes: the guests arrive and check out the merchandise; the show begins; the bids fly; the sales are made and the money is counted. Tomorrow, it begins again.