The Dead inside

Wes and Fi are empty. Wes is a burned-out photographer and Fi is the writer’s-blocked author of zombie novellas. While their love still burns strong, artistically their hearts have been locked in a box for years.

When Fi shows signs of mental illness, Wes does everything in his power to help. He soon discovers that dark forces lurk inside and has no choice but to imprison her until he can figure out what to do with this familiar-looking person he doesn’t recognize any more. Fighting against her disturbed intruder, can the lovers rediscover inspiration in the grimmest corners of this musical horror movie?

Release Date: November 20, 2012
“Quirky and Fannish” “Clever and Emotional” – Jay
“A Lock to Become a Cult Favorite” – Shawn S. Lealos-Yahoo Movies
“Travis Betz is a Genius” – Film Radar
“Strange, Different, and Somehow, Beautifully Unique” – Shawn S. Lealos-Yahoo Movies
Run Time (Mins): 98