The Winning of World War II: Road to Victory

The Winning of World War IIJoin General John Eisenhower as he retraces World War II. ¬†From the rise of Hitler to the historic battles and the eventual involvement of U.S. forces, witness the Allies’ road to victory.

16 Episodes, 50 Minutes each






  1. Rattling The Saber
  2. Invasion And Breakout
  3. Hot Pursuit
  4. We Strike Back
  5. Hitting Them Harder
  6. D-Day
  7. Battle Of The Bulge
  8. Unconditional Surrender
  9. Theater Commanders
  10. Field Commanders
  11. Pentagon Commanders
  12. 8th Airforce Commanders
  13. Battle On Two Continents
  14. Central Pacific & Marine Commanders
  15. Island Hopping
  16. Victory At Last