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Xploration Station is a new TV series with 4 shows: Xploration Awesome Planet, Xploration Outer Space, Xploration Earth 2050, Xploration Animal Science!
At the intersection of entertainment and science lies a place we call Xploration Station. Xploration Station is a two hour block of science related shows consisting of 4 series: Xploration Awesome Planet, hosted by Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the legendary Jacques Cousteau; Xploration Outer Space, hosted by Emily Calandrelli, Harvard scholar and former NASA employee; Xploration Earth 2050, hosted by Chuck Pell, artist, entrepreneur, and futurist; And Xploration Animal Science, Emmy nominated series. In all, it’s a fascinating two hour journey, filled with spectacular sights, sounds, and information that will blow you away.